Alert 03 – 25 Unprotected Flywheel Results in a Fatality


Note: Although this incident did not occur on a drilling rig or at a service yard, it is included in the alerts program because there is a potential for it to occur anywhere. A container containing a generator system was placed on the platform to provide power for testing some winches. The engine was fluctuating so a Mechanical Assistant and the two Motormen went into the container to investigate. It was decided that the engine needed to be shut down to change the filters. The Motorman stayed by the filters, while the Mechanical Assistant returned to the panel to ask the other Motorman to fetch new filters. While the Mechanical assistant left the control panel and went outside to tell the winch crew to stabilize the winches, the Motorman who stayed in the generator container decided to remove his jacket. As soon as the Deck
Electrician heard a noise in the container he went to investigate and found the injured setting against the fan guard. His jacket wound into the unguarded balance wheel pulley assembly. The Motorman had his left hand amputated and suffered a skull fracture. He passed away after 15 days in the hospital.

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