Alert 03 – 03 Floorman Struck by Tongs Results in LTI


The drilling crew was tripping drill pipe out of the hole. A Floorman who was working the pipe racker position was attempting to help with the tongs by pulling the breakout tongs back as the Driller rotated out each stand. This went on for two hours. The floorman was called away to help with another task and upon returning, continued to work his pipe racking position. When he returned hevi-wate pipe was being pulled out of the hole. The floorman again assisted with the break out tongs and when the Driller kicked in the rotary to back out the stand, the tongs snapped toward the injured to the length of the snub line, striking the floorman’s right
arm, and throwing him into the racked drill pipe. He sustained a severe bruise to his right arm and a head laceration where he struck the racked pipe.

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