Alert 02 – 51 Flash Flood Incident


The Night Toolpusher was making a midnight crew change with a four wheel drive vehicle at a desert location. It had been raining very hard for several hours and the crew bus was unable to get to location. The Toolpusher was crossing a spot in the road that had been covered by water. As the vehicle entered the water a wall of water picked up the vehicle and floated it for approximately 120 ft before coming to a stop. At this time the water level was up to the bottom of the windshield, approx 4 1/2 ‘ and running rapidly. The crew of 5 people climbed out the windows and on to the roof of the vehicle, radioed for help and waited for the water to subside. After 20 minutes the water subsided and the employees made it to safety. Fortunately no one was injured but damage did occur to the vehicle. Flash floods, especially in desert areas, can occur very quickly. Flash flooding is the #1 weather related killer around the world.

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