Alert 02 – 45 Stabbing Board Incident Results in an LTI


An incident occurred when the stabbing board fell, resulting in a fractured ankle. The Assistant Driller (AD) sent a Floorhand up to the stabbing board to check the prep work on the welds for the Non Destructive Inspection. The Floorhand entered the stabbing board which was not in its properly stored location and attempted to lower the stabbing board, but was unsuccessful. The AD went up to the stabbing board to assist the Floorhand in lowering the stabbing board. The AD manually disengaged the safety lock and the Floorhand opened the “dogs” so the stabbing board could be lowered. The AD then proceeded to lower the stabbing board. While lowering the stabbing board, the lifting cable parted and dropping the stabbing board 8’ – 10’ feet. The Floorhand was properly secured with a full body harness attached to a safety retracting lifeline, that was located at the top of the stabbing board frame work and anchored to the Derrick structure. The Floorhand’s fall was arrested by the safety retracting lifeline, but he was struck by the framework as the board descended, which resulted in a first aid case. The AD was wearing a full body harness, but had attached the safety lanyard to the stabbing board. The AD fell with the stabbing board and received a fractured ankle.

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