Alert 02 – 09 Rope Caught in Mud Pit Agitator Causes RWC


A derrickman was attempting to remove and reposition a 8mm (3/8”) plumb-bob rope line from the active mud tank at the chemical mixing area. The rope was attached to piping above the mud pit and routed down through the pit grating and hung approximately eighteen inches from the agitator shaft. In order to reposition the line the derrickman released the rope from the piping and held the free end of the rope looped in his left hand while he positioned his right hand below the grating to guide the rope. He was attempting to pass the rope back down through the grating to his right hand when the rope became entangled with the agitator shaft causing the rope to pull his left hand down onto the pit grating cover. The rope continued to tighten around his left hand. Using his right hand he was able to free sufficient length of rope back towards his left hand to enable his to free the entrapped hand. Result of the incident – a fractured finger resulting in Restricted Work Case Duties.

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