Alert 01 – 13 Fall From Rig Floor


A drill crew was preparing to nipple down the 20″ diverter and cut off the 16″ casing. The air hoist was attached to the casing and the Welder went down to the cellar area. In order for the Driller to see the signals given from inside the cellar, a 28″ x 101″ floor plate was opened directly in front of the controls. The Welder signaled how high he wanted the diverter raised. Once the diverter was raised high enough, the Welder signaled the Driller to stop and the casing was cut. Once the Welder had finished
cutting the casing he went up to the rig floor. The 20′ by 10″ length of casing was raised up to the rig floor with the the air hoist. The Motorman and Welder attempted to push the casing towards the V-door but could not reach the edge of the V-door. At approximately one foot from the edge of the V-door, momentum was lost and the joint began to move back towards the drawworks. The casing pushed the two workers back towards the open floor plate and the Motorman fell through the opening, falling 12
feet 9 inches to the scaffolding and additional 9 feet to the matting below. The worker sustained a fracture at the base of his skull, a fracture to his right thigh and multiple bruising.

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