Jack-Up Committee Resources

This page contains lists of all available resources, documents, videos for the Jack-Up Committee. These may include best practices, guidelines, and/or special reports, as well as documents on topics such as onshore/offshore safety issues, environmental practices, specific regulatory issues and more. Also included is a section for links to useful websites.


Meeting Date Resource Resource Link / File
1 September 2015 Committee Chairman’s Meeting Presentation PDF
12 March 2015 NEES@UC David Brochure; Center for Geotechnical Modeling PDF
 12 March 2015 Draft Outline on JIP for seismic issues about Jack-Up structures, by Bruce Kutter and Dan Wilson, UC Davis, 27 May 2014  PDF
 12 March 2015  Lloyd’s Market Association; Appendix 2 – Joint Rig Committee Membership  PDF
 12 March 2015 NOSAC; Task Statement; Towage of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Mobile Offshore Units and Floating Offshore Installations on the US Outer Continental Shelf  PDF
12 March 2015 Email Subject:  Federal Register Vol 80 No 36 24th February 2015 – Artic PDF
12 March 2015 TSAC Subcommittee Task 14-01 MODU Kulluk ROI Final Report “Review of and recommendations based on the Report of Investigation Into the Grounding of the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Kulluk.” PDF
12 March 2015 Presentation to 36th ISO/TC67/SC7 Meeting; Presentation by ISO Workgroups 3; ISO 19901-1Metocean; ISO 19901-2 Seismic; ISO 19901-3 Topsides; ISO 19901-9 SIM Structural Integrity Management.  ISO 19902 PDF
26 February 2015 Recommended Practice for Site Specific Assessment of Mobile Jack-Up Units, Gulf of Mexico Annex, Rev 0, Sept 2007 PDF
26 February 2015 IADC Jack-Up Committee; Gulf of Mexico Annex PDF
26 February 2015 ISO 19905-1 Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units – Part 1:  Jack-Ups, Selected GoM Annex H pages PDF
30 October 2014 IADC Presentation (LMA); JRC MOU Location & Move Warranty Survey Scope of Work PDF
30 October 2014 JRC Rig Move Warranty Survey (Mobile Offshore Unit Location & Move Warranty Survey), Draft 2014 PDF
30 October 2014 TSAC Subcommittee Task 14-01 MODU Kulluk TOI Final Report, Towing Safety Advisory Committee, Task 14-01, “Review of and recommendations based on the report of Investigation Into the Grounding of the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Kulluk,” 3 November 2014 PDF
21 October 2014 Guidance for The Positioning of Dynamically Positioned (DP) Jack-Up Vessels On and Off the Seabed, IMCA, April 2013, IMCA M 223 PDF
21 October 2014 HSE Information sheet; “Jack-Up (self elevating) installations:  floating damage stability survivability criterion, Offshore information Sheet No 6/2007 (Rev 2009)” PDF
21 October 2014 General Ocean Tow Recommendations for Jack Drilling Units, IADC, 13 February 1991 PDF
21 October 2014 Review of the Jack-Ups:  Safety in Transit (JSIT) technical working group,” HSE Research Report 049, by BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd, 2003 PDF
21 October 2014 Guidelines for the Selection and Operation of Jack-Ups in the Maine Renewable Energy Industry; Issue 2: 2013; published by Renewable UK PDF
21 October 2014 Rules and Regulations, Standards and Guidelines Governing; The Offshore Drilling Industry in Norway and UK Waters PDF
17 July 2014 ISO TC 67/SC 7/WG 7; Progress report to IJUC meeting of 17 July 2014, DNV GL, Mike Hoyle PDF
17 July 2014 Key Programme 4 (KP4) Ageing and life extension programme; A report by the Energy Division of HSE’s Hazardous Installations Directorate PDF



Website Use for Link Link
Lloyd’s Market Association Site of the Joint Rig Committee which is updating the Rig Move Warranty Survey Code of Practice www.lmalloyds.com