State-of-the art IADC WellSharp well control training and assessment program achieves major milestone

Houston, Texas (9 September 2015) – More than 50% of IADC’s training providers have transitioned to the new WellSharp training and assessment program. Collectively, the group is responsible for training about 80% of all trainees in the industry, with current training pass rates at 85%.

WellSharp, introduced in April 2015, is a rigorous well control training and assessment program, which offers content on prevention, situational awareness, barriers and risk awareness and management. It encourages blended learning with required electronic testing to enhance the quality and value of the training, a format that has thus far been well received.

“The industry can now capitalize on the real commercial and safety benefits of the most advanced well control training and testing system available,” said Brenda Kelly, IADC Senior Director, Program Development. “The feedback on WellSharp has been overwhelmingly positive. Program graduates have been impressed with the depth of knowledge gained and their parent organisations appreciate that long-standing concerns about the standards and consistency of teaching and testing are fully addressed by the new system. This is only the beginning. WellSharp is very much a ‘by the industry, for the industry’ effort. And we continue to work collaboratively with our industry partners to refine and sustain WellSharp as the foundation of high quality well control practice in the twenty first century.”

WellSharp was developed by the industry and emphasizes the effective delivery of the appropriate level of training for every person with well control responsibilities, whether office-based or rig-based.

“WellSharp is a fit-for-purpose well control training and assessment program for a high reliability industry. It helps to ensure that rig crews know what they need to do and have the skills to do it right, every time, all the time,” said Stephen Colville, IADC President and CEO. “WellSharp is a real asset for the global drilling industry and will make a real contribution to improved performance and safer operations around the world.”

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