IADC Praises Senate Confirmation of Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior

Houston (1 March 2017) – Today, the U.S. Senate confirmed Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Department of Interior (DOI). In response, IADC President Jason McFarland issued the following statement:

“It is the mandate of the Department of Interior to develop the tremendous natural resources within the U.S., and to ensure that this is done in a safe and environmentally sound manner. IADC looks forward to working with Secretary Zinke and his staff on a wide variety of issues including the BSEE Well Control Rule, BOEM’s Air Quality Rule, BLM’s Hydraulic Fracturing Rule and other issues related to contractor liability and financial assurance.”

“We were heartened to hear Secretary Zinke describe his belief in the economic benefits that a robust oil and gas industry has on the U.S. in his committee confirmation hearings. Over the course of the last eight years, oil and gas leases on federal lands declined 65%, denying Americans the right to develop lands that could spur economic development for local communities, not to mention the resulting taxes and royalties paid to the U.S. Treasury. It is IADC’s stance that the Department should allow more access, both onshore and offshore, for oil and gas operations. In addition states should continue to regulate activities, as they have done for decades, without federal government interference. These are philosophies that we believe we share with Secretary Zinke, and we look forward to serving as an educative resource for the department on all matters that affect the U.S. oil and gas industry.”

About IADC

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