IADC Praises Coast Guard Withdrawal of Decades Old Offshore Proposed Regulation

Houston (19 September 2018) – In today’s Federal Register, the U.S. Coast Guard made public its withdrawal of the “Outer Continental Shelf Activities” proposed rule, which was initially published in December of 1999. In response, IADC President Jason McFarland issued the following statement:

“The withdrawal of this proposed rule by the U.S. Coast Guard is long overdue. After sitting on the shelf for nearly 20 years, the provisions contained in the proposed rule have long ago been rendered obsolete by an industry that prides itself on embracing technological advances. At IADC, we have advocated for the Coast Guard to withdraw their proposal in order to facilitate an open dialogue regarding regulations that reflect the current state of the industry. We would like to thank the Coast Guard, and Rear Admiral J.P. Nadeau in particular, for their attention to this topic. We look forward to working with the Coast Guard on a future rule that addresses the health and safety on offshore vessels and facilities engaged in the development and production of our nation’s vast energy resources.”

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