IADC Comments on Lebanese Petroleum Authority’s Environmental Strategy Assessment

Houston (14 May 2019) –The Lebanese Petroleum Authority (LPA) recently issued a draft Environmental Strategy Assessment, which will likely contribute to a regulatory framework for the country’s burgeoning offshore oil and gas operations. The LPA requested input from a variety of industry stakeholders, and IADC responded with comments to clarify observations contained in the Assessment. IADC President Jason McFarland also noted:

“As the LPA continues to develop the necessary framework to build the country’s offshore industry, a balanced and pragmatic approach to implementing best practice methodologies will be critical. Optimizing productivity while sustaining a robust safety regime that ensures the well-being of the environment and those working offshore should be the priorities for the LPA. IADC and its members look forward to continuing to serve as an educative resource to the LPA as drilling operations in the country begin.”

About IADC

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