IADC applauds EU agreement on offshore oil and gas safety

Houston, 22 February 2013 – The International Association of Drilling Contractors welcomes an agreement reached yesterday between the European Parliament and the European Council on a proposal for oil and gas safety legislation.

The agreement, reached yesterday, 21 February, was drafted in response to the Macondo disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to be formally approved in the coming months. The Commission reviewed Member States’ existing offshore safety protocols to draw up the new legislation. The proposed guidelines aim to guarantee the world’s highest safety, health and environmental standards for all operations in the European Union.

IADC worked collaboratively with Oil and Gas UK and OGP to campaign against the European Council’s initial inclination to impose new regulations. Working with the governments of the United Kingdom, Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway, IADC championed a directive so that each country is responsible for drafting its own regulations.

“After more than two years of struggle, the industry has prevailed in making the argument for a directive and against regulations imposed by Brussels. The distinction sets a platform for individual Member States to develop their own regulations. Had there been a direct mandate for regulations, it would have gone into effect immediately and caused massive disruption in oil and gas operations,” said Brian Petty, IADC executive vice president, government and regulatory affairs. “The agreed-upon legislation will ensure a much better result from a regulatory standpoint without disrupting existing offshore operations in the EU.”

For more information, including specifics on the agreement, please visit the Commission’s website.

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